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First Name Last Name Organization Service Address Email Telephone
Christina James BLUE FLAME WOMEN’S GROUP Skills based training, food processing, fruit cassava, cocoa, biscuit, HIV awareness, counseling with VSO and the Guyana Red Cross, Marketing skills Hosororo Hill, Mabaruma Sub-region   592-678-6746
Anita Hernandez BUMBURY SUNRISE ASSOCIATION Skills training, cassava, chips, bread, plantain chips Bumbary Hill, Mabaruma Sub-region   592-678-4118
Sharon Santiago GREEN LIGHT WOMEN’S GROUP Skill building in sewing, knitting, tie dye, floral, cake decorations, catering, awareness session on HIV, domestic violence, empower women Mabaruma Settlement, Mabaruma   592-694-8306
Theresa Smith TOBAGO WOMEN’S GROUP Skills building in bread making Tobago, Mabaruma Sub-region -   592-673-1789
June Valenzuela WOUNA SILVER QUEENS WOMEN’S GROUP Provide women with skill based training, marketing, sewing, work with schools drop outs, help single parents with handouts Wouna Scheme, Mabaruma Sub-region   592-693-1083
Therisa , Yvonne Persaud Benjamin WOUNA WOMEN FARMERS ASSOCIATION GROUP Provide women with food stuff, finance, light post, fund raising to help widows Wouna Scheme, Mabaruma Sub-region   592-688-6736
Ms. Arlene Array SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL (SSVP) Sewing classes for women Citrus Grove Port Kaituma -   592-691-2175
Ms.Ellen Thomas URUKUTA WOMEN’S GROUP Skills-based training (sewing), built building to from which training is done. Kumaka, Moruca -   592-693-9901
Vishma Hanpaul INSTITUTE PRIVATE ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Provide small loans and training for women Cotton Field, Essequibo   592-771-4298, 592-771-4444
Ms. Jean Elias ONDERNEEMING WOMEN'S DEVELOPMENT GROUP Crochet and Embroidery classes for young women. Onderneeming, Essequibo Coast   592-774-4463
Mr. Nghia Le. PEACE CORP Establishing a public free Libraries, meet with teachers to develop literacy programs and support implementation of same; capacity building, provide better parenting training for parents and teachers and promote American culture (cultural exchange) Dart Mouth Secondary School This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-638-2001
Ms. Padwattie Persaud THREE FRIENDS INDUSTRIOUS WOMEN'S GROUP Handicraft classes for women (every Monday and Wednesday). Lot 102 Three Friends, Essequibo Coast   592-771-4509
Mr. Kosi (Ms. Sandra Doorga) Bollers HOPE for ALL AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM Math, English, Literacy, HIV awareness, DV, child protection, hygiene, work with parents and children, self esteem, behavior change, self awareness, work with one grade per term, every afternoon Monday to Thursday meet to teach life skills, work with parents, provide guidance and counseling every Monday. Dartmouth; Queenstown   592- 626-3879, 592-682-5340, 592-771-1384
Ms. Wilma A.k.a. Sattie Persaud ZORG PROGRESSIVE WOMEN'S ORGANIZATION Classes in Craft, Floral arrangements and Needle work for women Johanna Cecilia, Essequibo Coast   592-774-4174
Region 3    
Ms. Olive Adams DEN AMSTEL 5 STAR GROUP Works with women and children: Helping Battered women, counseling, Skills based training in craft, cookery, embroidery, knitting, cake decoration. 13 Old Road Den Amstel, West Coast Dem.   592-276-3504
Ms. Engozi Blake DEN AMSTEL WOMEN’S DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION Has a Day Care, Play group, sewing, cooking and social support for abused women; Juvenile supervision, Home visits for delinquents. Lot 1 Den Amstel Village, West Coast Dem   592- 276- 3511
Hafeeza Mohamed HYDRONIE/ BUSHY PARK WOMEN'S VOCATIONAL GROUP Sewing classes. Lot 10 Hydronie, East Bank, Essequibo.    
Ms. Pauline John PARIKA WOMEN'S GROUP Sewing, Cookery and Knitting classes, Indentify and refer women and children who are abused. Parika East, Bank, Essequibo   592-266- 4246
Mr. Parsram Parsram PRABHU SHARON ORPHANAGE Shelter street children abused or neglected children, literacy classes, extra tutoring after school Bush Street Vedic Mandir, Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara   592- 276- 1464
Ms. Michiel Campbell SAVE OUR KIDS CHILDREN’S HOME Collect children from the Ministry of human services, Residential care, clothing , food, shelter, education, child- care counseling. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592- 276- 0023
Ms. Parbattie Ranglall THE EDUCATORS WOMEN'S GROUP Women empowerment on SRH, Gender Based Violence, Child abuse and counseling N.D.C Building, Phoenix Park, West Bank   592-267- 2765
Sister Zabeeda Zabeeda ZABEEDA WOMEN’S SENIOR CITIZEN’S HOME Women: Residential Care for Senior women Citizens De Kinderen, West Coast Demerara    
Region 4    
Ms. Eldona King ARCHER'S HOME Housing and caring the elderly 65 yrs & over; Provide Medical Service(Every Second Saturday, a doctor conducts clinic; this is open to non-residents). Durban Street, Wortmanville   226-6336
Rev. S. Surujpaul BLESS THE CHILDREN HOME   42 Industry, east Coast -   222-2781
MS. Doreen Livan BRIGHT HORIZON FAMILY HOME Educational Programmes for Women Kuru Kururu, New town Soesdyke, Linden Highway   592-261-5066
Ms. Lynette Jacobs BYER'S HOME Home for elderly female 86 Upper Robb Street, Bourda, G/town   223-6125
Ms. Chauncey (Nurse/Educator). Richmond CANCER SOCIETY Counseling and welfare services; Advocacy for cancer patients; Pap Smear screening for a fee). Information provided on all types of cancer. Thomas Street, Georgetown   225-2398
Ms. Gwendolin Glasgow CBR - EAST COAST DEMERARA Referral of persons with disabilities; Community based education programmes 2 West Half Cove & John, ECD    
Ms. Ceceline Baird CECELINE BAIRD CENTRE FOR (DIAPG) Caters for the employment of people with disabilities and their families; live – in and day care facilities for persons with disabilities; marriage, health and family therapy offered 1 Republic Road, Triumph, E.C.D This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 220-0107
    CHASE SENIOR WOMEN'S HOME   Robb Street, Bourda, G/town    
Cheryl Thomas CHESHIRE HOME Residential services for disabled women and children Lancaster village Mahaica   592-259-3454
    COMMUNITY - BASED REHABILITATION PROGRAMME (CBR) Training programmes for families and persons with disabilities; Literacy programmes; Income generating skills; Capacity building; Community development programmes (getting people together). 120 Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown   592-226-5780
Mr. Neville Waldron CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL Environment & Education programmes; Enterprise services; Research training (Deals mostly with Amerindian communities). 112 Laluni Street, Queenstown, Georgetown   (02) 67399
Mr. Ramsaroop Ramsaroop DARAMSHALA Provides Food, Clothing and Shelter for anyone in need. 140 King Edward Street, Georgetown   226-1817
    DEEPER VISION CHILDREN FOUNDATION’S   Campbellville -   649-4247
Ms. Sylvia Conway DROP IN CENTRE Distribution of snacks and lunch to street children (8-14yrs); Academic programmes 9am to 3pm. c/o Sacred Heart Presbytery, Main Street, Georgetown   226-1013
Administrator   DROP IN CENTRE FOR STREET CHILDREN Residential Care, counseling and recreational. All children are offered Health Care, and Adolescent Development Program 83 Hadfield Street, Georgetown   592-226-1013
    ENMORE WOMEN'S GROUP   Enmore, Estate Road, ECD, Community Centre    
Ms. Stella Veria GENTLEWOMEN'S HOME Provides shelter and meals for elderly women 106 Brickdam Georgetown   227-8255\ 67868
Ms. Carmen Jarvis GIRL GUIDES PAVILLION Training for Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers; Training in First Aid, Computers Brickdam Georgetown last building on right hand (UNESCO)   225-4306
Ms. Michelle Coffin GRCS CONVALESCENT HOME Provides homes for abandoned children and children whose parents cannot afford to maintain them, ages 0-4 yrs; Day care (for a fee). Library2 days a week Tuesdays morning & Fridays afternoon. Durban Backlands, Georgetown   225-7120/226-5174
Mr. Haroon \Zamman Haniff Haniff GROVE / DIAMOND CITIZEN COMMITTEE Runs Social Development programmes; Collaborates with sister Islamic organizations; teaches women their rights; provides hot meal for needy daily and twice a week for children with disabilities. Diamond Complex, EBD   265-4200
Ms. Sharon Redmon GROVE CRAFT CENTRE Classes in Straw Work, Embroidery, Knitting and Macramé Tie Dyeing. Students provide own material. Grove Police Station Street   265-2144
Ms. Sharon Redmond GROVE CRAFT PRODUCTION AND DESIGN CENTRE Evening classes in cookery, cakes, floral arrangements and craft, Daily school for early school leavers, General credit, Basic English and Mathematics, Literacy, food and Nutrition and counseling is provided by the Ministry of Human Services) Grove Station Street compound, East Bank Demerara ,   592-265-4144, 592-619-1517, 592-690-5872
Ms. Venus Wayne GUYANA ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL WORKERS Counseling, DV Intervention and referral. Almond Street, Queenstown, Georgetown   222- 3595\3581
Ms. Trim Trim GUYANA RED CROSS SOCIETY CHILDREN CONVALESCENT HOME Children: Fostering, catering and residential services for the less fortunate, abused, displaced, abandoned, disabled and street children. Plot M Durban Backlands Georgetown. Guyana This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-225-7120
Mr. Cecil Morris GUYANA SOCIETY FOR THEVISUALLY IMPAIRED Seek to provide training for employment opportunities both in the private and the public sectors of the community; caters for those who to remain in a sheltered environment; gives attention to rehabilitation for those who become blind later in life; teaches mobility skills as well as other techniques for independent living. St. Phillips Green, High Street, Georgetown   226-4496, 231-7976
Ms. Wilma Jack Pitt HAND -EN-VELDT NURSERY Home economic classes (six-week course) free Hand-en-Veldt, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara   228-2461
Deoram Timram HARUNI GIRLS HOME Residential care; food, clothing, shelter, counseling and recreational activities Adolescent Development Program Linden Soesdyke Highway   609-0107
Ms. Mary Luke HASLINGTON WOMEN'S GROUP Visits sick people. Provides craft training workshops e.g. (different embroidery stitches, knitting, and tie dying); Discusses health issues with elderly people. 175 North Haslington, East, Coast, Demerara   270-6502
Ms. Chichester   HIBISCUS WOMEN'S GROUP CXC classes; Skills training for youth and women; L'Enterprise Mahaicony, East Demerara    
Mr. Kenneth Finlayson HOPE CHILDREN’S HOME Residential care for children; provides food, clothing and lodging; some children are home schooled and others attend public schools. Hope Enmore, East Coast Demerara   592-256-3812
Ms. Lydia Basdeo HOUSTON WOMEN'S GROUP Self-esteem workshops; Teaches women a better standard of living; Educates women on domestic violence; organizes children in sports. 66 Houston E.B.Demerara    
Messer. Clifford Accra, Dennis Salmon and Ms. Gladys Accra   JOSHUA HOUSE CHILDREN'S CENTRE Houses and cares for street children, abused children and orphans aged 5-11 (Children aged 5-11 are sent to school); Literacy classes in Reading and Maths are provided. 255 Thomas Street South Cummingsburg, Georgetown   226-8020
Ms. Patricia Trim KITTY TOTS & TEENS GROUP Provides spelling, Reading, and Culture education for children aged 3-16yrs; Drug Counseling service for young adults between 18 - 25yrs. 41 William Street, Kitty, Georgetown   226-6015/227-2651
Ms. Jeanette Frank, Ms. Pearl James (every Saturday during school term)   KURU KURU BOOK CLUB/LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE Provides literacy sessions, Books and assistance through adaptation. Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke Linden Highway ,   261-6478
Ms. Jeanette Frank, Ms. Pearl James (every Saturday during school term)   KURU KURU BOOK CLUB/LIBRARY AND INFORMATION CENTRE Children: access books, literacy sessions, assistance through adaptation.     261-6478
Ms. Yvonne Gibbs LADIES OF CHARITY Host a feeding programmes for the Elderly and three times weekly for children. Some children are outfitted for school (Subject to a needs assessment) Brickdam Cathedral Presbytery, Georgetown   226-7461
Ms. Joseph   MAHAICA BATTERED WOMEN’S HOME Provide shelter for Battered Women Mahaica Hospital compound, East Coast Demerara   592-259-3291
Darren Hunte MAHAICA CHILDREN'S HOME Provides resident services; food, clothing, shelter, education for children. Mahaica hospital compound   592-259-3291
Ms. Katherine Porter MILDRED MANSFIELD YOUTH CLUB Literacy programs; Sports and Craft classes for youths Durban Street Werk-en-Rust. Georgetown   226-4761,226-3328
Ms. Linda Willis NATIONAL CONGRESS OF WOMEN Distributes food and clothing to the Public Lot 44 Public Road, Kitty. Georg   227-2122
Mrs. Gonsalves   NEW NAZARETH HOMESTEAD Home for the Elderly (applicants are screened). Lot 89 Carmichael Street, Georgetown   225-7606
Ms. Gaitri Ali OGLE/INDUSTRY WOMEN'S GROUP Knitting and Cooking courses (members pay $100 each and non-members $500). Ogle Mosque Compound, East Coast Demerara   222-3524
Ms. Myrtle Lewis PLUM PARK WOMEN'S GROUP Community Service, (in construction) for Welfare of Sophia Children Plum Park Sophia, Georgetown   220-60672 (Ministry Health)
Sis. Noel Menezes PRASHAD NAGAR SISTERS OF MERCY Boys Only: Job channeling, continued education, psychological help, and counseling. Prashad Nagar   592-225- 9208
    RED THREAD WOMEN'S COLLECTIVE 173 Charlotte Street, Georgetown 173 Charlotte Street, G/town   227-3952
Ms. Marva, Project Coordinator Williams RUIMVELDT CHILDREN HOME & CARE CENTRE   227 Freeman Street East La-Penitence This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 227-0747
    RUIMVELDT CHILDREN’S AID CENTRE Provides literacy courses for children, after school support, CCC; school feeding programme 13 Public Road, Ruimveldt, Georgetown   227-3092
Ms. Doreen Barington RUIMVELDT PARENT SUPPORT GROUP Empowers parents and who have children with disabilities and children with disabilities. c/o Lions Den 1888 Blue Mountain Road, Festival City   227-2454
    SANCTUARY CHILDREN'S HOME   Block 8 Section 'A' Yarrowkabra, Agric Layout, Soesdyke, Linden Highway   227-2531, 660-7128, 660-7111
Major Vevene Jonas SALVATION ARMY HOME LEAGUES Counseling for pregnant women Monday & Wednesday; Feeding programmes for senior citizens Monday & Friday. Distributes clothing and Food Stuff when available on Wednesdays. 237 Alexander Street, Lacytown, Georgetown. P O Box 104   227-2619
Nazir Hamid SHADEED’S BOYS ORPHANAGE Housing for; children whose parents cannot afford to maintain them; or orphans, regardless of race and religion. 157 Alexander Street Kitty, Georgetown   226-1778
Mr. Nazir Hamid SHADEED'S GIRL'S ORPHANAGE Home for orphans and children whose parents cannot afford to maintain them, orphans, regardless of race and religion. Lot 5 Oleander Gardens East, Coast, Demerara   226-9620
    SOPHIA CARE CENTRE   GNS Compound, Sophia, Greater G/town   219-0074
Una Samuel ST AUGUSTINE MOTHERS UNION Visits the sick and teaches craft skills to members. Parish Hall, Friendship, East Coast Demerara   220-2382
Ms. Esmay Davids ST MARK'S MOTHERS UNION Classes in Cake Decorating and making Soft Toys. Free clinic service every last Saturday of the month. St. Marks Parish Enmore, East Coast Demerara   592-270-6454
Ms. Stella Marks ST SIDWELL'S LAMPLIGHTERS Provides transportation for all senior citizens to go to church; Visits sick homes & hospitals; Provides food baskets for those in need. ST Sidwell's Parish A Vlissengen Road, Lodge, Georgetown   226-3669
Sisters Barbara & Herseline   ST. ANN’S ORPHANAGE Residential, food, clothing, shelter, counseling and recreational activities for children from the convalescent home. Abused and abandoned children are offered Health Care, IT and Adolescent Development Program Thomas Street, Georgetown    
Mr. Ally Housein ST. CUTHBERTS YOUTH ORGANIZATION Train volunteers for community work; Self-help workshops, Farming skills. c/o Soesdyke Post office   261-2549
Ms. Julie Matthews, Ms. Silvie   ST. JOHN BOSCO ORPHANAGE Children: Residential, food, clothing, shelter, music, steel band, counseling, swimming, children from the convalescent home, abused and abandoned children, destitute (from 4 yrs old), Health Care, IT., Adolescent Development Program 4 Victoria Road Plaisance This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-222- 2353, 592-222-3396
Ms Goorahoo \ Mr. Nadir   THE UNITED FORCE WOMEN'S AUXILIARY FORCE Counseling sessions; Making donations to the poor (mostly in the interior Reg. 9), Assisting the poor to pay off bills; Assisting in entertainment for the poor in the interior (gifts, parties, and sports gears). 95 Robb & New Garden Street, Bourda, Georgetown   226-2596 \ 52973
Andrew Hartely, Desired Blackman   TIMEHRI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Developing infrastructure in Reliance area, roads, water, road lights (assistance from SIMAP) Lot 66 Reid's Avenue, Alliance, E.B. D.   261-2486/ 261-2527
Mr. Randolph Thorne TRUE VISION FOUNDATION Clean-up campaigns for the community; Provides meals for school children (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday); Hampers to the poor every month; Driving, dancing, craft and sewing classes. 31 Albouys Street, Albouystown, Georgetown   227-4310
    TURKEYEN WOMEN'S ACHIEVERS GROUP   South Turkeyen, Section C, Field 4, G/town    
Mr. Desmond Saul VICTORIA RECONSTRUCTION TRUST Provides furniture for schools in the community. Lot 58 Victoria Village, East Coast Demerara   229- 2578
    WEST RUIMVELDT AFTER SCHOOL ASSISTANCE   West Ruimveldt -   231-3190, 662-6535, 227-0749
Region 5    
Glenis Fraser BELLADRUM CULTURE GROUP Craft, cultural involvement with Africa, hotmeal, literacy classes, Educational Symposium. Belladrum, West Coast Berbice   592- 232- 3516, 592- 649-3922
Helina Sookram BLAIRMONT R. D. C WOMEN & DEVELOPMENT Providing classes to community members for a fee (sewing & craft on Tuesdays, 1pm, cooking on Wednesdays). No 4 Blairmont Settlement, W.C.B.    
Ms. Barbara Crawford CALCUTTA CATMINE CULTURAL GROUP Women: craft, support for women’s issues, counseling for abused women, Children: counseling for children, literacy classes, social issues empowerment, tours. Lot 23 Calcutta community Centre   592- 232- 1030
Ms. Gloria (chairman) Lindo-Wolf COMMUNITY BASED REHAB Women and children: Working with women and children with disabilities, channeling them to social services, providing wheel chairs; special communication classes for children; Integration into society- sports awareness and other activities to commerate ?; ID accounts of the disabled.. LovelyLass & (# 42 Disabled people network)   592- 232- 1108, 592- 643-5480
Ms. Dorothy Peters GOLDEN GROVE WOMEN’S GROUP Women : Craft, games, sewing, address women’s issues, counseling, provide food and clothing for the less fortunate in the community 14 Golden Grove, West Coast Berbice   592- 328- 2020
Ms. Ismay Dalrymple GROLAWAGT (GOLDEN GROVE, LOVELYLASS, ONVERWAGT) Women and children: Community development council, poverty reduction, job creation, Literacy programs LovelyLass Village West coast Berbice (Meet at Gentle Woman’s organization building)   592- 328- 2801, 592- 660-9138
Ms. Doreen Alexander ITHACA 40 PLUS CLUB Lectures on Health Care (every Wednesday 1 - 4 p.m.) Ithaca Village, Berbice    
Avril Ennis & Mac Kewley   ITHACA DORCAS CLUB & PATHFINDER CLUB Craft training classes. Ithaca Village, Berbice    
Ms. Miss Halley   ORKID WOMEN'S DEVELOPMENT GROUP Craft Classes in Floral arrangement, straw work and others; Counseling for group members with minor problems; Referrals to Help & Shelter. Lot 4 Zeskenderen, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara   (021)8207
Ms. Pauline Morrison PERTH UNION BURIAL SOCIETY Knitting & Handicraft classes Perth Village Mahaicony East Coast Demerara   227-0129
Phillis Peters RISING STAR YOUTH GROUP Children: working with young people in sports, skills building, problem solving, counseling, drug prevention awareness, community development projects, feeding program Lot 14 Golden Grove, West Coast Berbice   592- 328- 2020, 592- 673-0032
Doreen Alexander SUNFLOWER WOMEN’S GROUP Women: Sewing, Painting, Hotmeals, community visits Children: Art and Craft, Literacy, hotmeals, community visits 426 Ithaca village, West Bank Berbice   592- 327-0251, 592- 327-0208
Ms. Lloyda Angus TRAFALGAR UNION COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL (CBC) Poverty reduction Initiative, Aqua Culture DFFID & USAID funds aqua culture program Lot 410, # 29 Village West Coast Berbice   592- 328- 2170, 592- 328-2053
Ms. Sandra (wife of Regional Chairman) Baldeo WEST COAST BERBICE RURAL WOMEN AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Women and children : Crafts, sewing, designing, Knitting, food processing, economic development, poverty reduction, information technology, self esteem building, addressing domestic violence, counseling, literacy programs, Edu- care with ILO. Belladrum Market Square, West Coast Berbice   592- 328- 7276, 592- 625-0780
Ms. Pauline Wade YOUNG WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION (WCB branch) Women: Create employment for women, seasoning pepper sauce, skills sharing for school leavers, floral, catering, self esteem building, gender based violence intervention 13- 14 Litchfield , West Coast Berbice   592- 328- 2944-5, 328-2253
Region 6    
Mr. Lucius Bruyning ALPHA CHILDREN HOME Children: Residential care: food, clothing, shelter, education, after school classes 34 Gay Park New Amsterdam   592-333-6937, 592-648-6999
Mr. Dain Mohamed, Bibi Hazra   ANJUMON ORPHANAGE Children: Residential Care: food, clothing, shelter, education, after school classes. 30 Philadelphia Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice   592-333-5874
Carmen Kissoon CAMAL INTERNATIONAL HOME Shelter for homeless children and battered women, counseling, house girls and boys up to 16 yrs old, special needs or disabled children, literacy program, sign language, Information technology, court support. Lot 123 Chesney Kilkoy Albion Area, Canjie . East Coast Berbice   592-322-0374
Pastor Vernon D’Oliveira CANAAN CHILDREN’S HOME Children: Residential: food, clothing, shelter, education, health screening. 11 area ‘Q’ Port Mourant   592-336-6606, 592-336-6043
Ms. Pansy Howell Fedee CHILDREN OF PROMISE ORPHANAGE Children: Residence care, food, clothing, shelter and education. 163 smith Field N/A Berbice   592-333-3694, 592-687-8163
Nalyn Katryan EAST BERBICE LIFE SAVERS CLUB(Run by Roadside Baptists) A voluntary group of counselors that help children and women who are victims of abuse 161 - 168 # 68 Corentyne, Berbice   592-325-5210, 592- 325-5207
Ms. Arlene North LEEDS ELIMINATORS YOUTHS AND SPORTS CLUB Day care, craft, after school lessons, sports, seminars, HIV training, TB seminars. Leeds   592-641-6771, 592-695-2855, 592-339-4232
Ms. Juliet Moriah SANDUOORT ROTARY VILLAGE CORPS Assistance provided for helpless persons in Hospital (doing things for them e.g. sewing and knitting). Each person is asked to pay a contribution $50 or $100 per month. Sanduoort Village, West Canjie, Berbice   333-6721
Sherry Garraway SHERLENE’S DAY CARE Children: Literacy program, helping underprivileged children. 3 42Village, Bengal Form, Corentyne Berbice   592-325-5207
Eunice Me Aulay STRIKERS WOMEN'S GROUP Classes in Craft, Sewing and Food & Nutrition; Literacy programs for all ages; Weekly distributions of Food Baskets & Clothing to those in need. Contributor: Food for the Poor Lot 9 Liverpool Village, Corentyne, Berbice   337-2870
Region 7    
Ms. Stephanie Harrop AMERINDIAN HOSTEL Provide place for persons in transit Government Compound 7th Avenue   592-455-3210
Ms. Stella Adams BARTICA INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEERS Reading class, counseling , literacy for children twice per week, senior citizens care, senior citizens club. St. Anthony School (Meeting Place)   592-455-2616, 592-666-4793
Ms. Ellen Odwin ELLEN’S LITERACY PROGRAM Work with children on reading , phonics, preparing children for national grade six assessment, academics and skills training for school dropouts(catering and garment construction etc.) 62 3RD Avenue , Bartica   592-455-2455/ 2598
Ms. Patricia Singh GOLDEN GIRLS FEEDING PROGRAM Provide food for the children of the riverain community, needy ones in Bartica, street children and needy adults. Children are drawn from all schools. Teach social etiquette and hygiene to the group 41 1ST Avenue, Bartica   592-455-2639
Ms. Angela Douglas LEARNING AND RESOURCE CENTRE Reading, assistance with assignments and projects, phonics /literacy classes, free internet service, computer games for children to come and play, Information technology classes, Library One Mile Bartica   592-455-2892
Mr. Rickford Inniss LIONS CLUB OF BARTICA Community Service, distribution of food, clothing etc. maintain parks for children's adopted the children’s ward at Bartica Hospital Lions Den, @nd Ave. , Reg. Guest House   592-455-3041, 592-644-6002
Mr. Winston Wyatt READING BY PHONICS Teaching phonics in response to a grave literacy program in Bartica, Provides a replica of Literacy games. (for children and adults) 51 2ND Avenue Bartica   592-679-3419
Region 8    
Marbell (chairman) Thomas CAMPBELLTOWN SUNSHINE GROUP (WOMEN) Provides small loans for members with an aim of helping them to become Independent, creates employment for women, sewing, respond to abuse, truancy, incest, sexual abuse, do school visits. Campbell Town, Region8   592-675-8107
Ms. Marcia Evans CHILD CARE –MAHDIA’S WOMEN’S GROUP Locate investigate and report domestic violence cases, child care provision against neglect, abuse, truancy, assist with clothing for school etc. Skills training Making stuffed toys, cake decoration, knitting etc. community services, conduct marches for various issues. Central Mahdia   688-9259
Ms. Celestine Brown MICOBIE WOMEN’S GROUP Development Sessions, Identify needs and navigate for social services(Now being mentored by Campbelltown) Micobie Region 8    
Mr. Matthew Johnson PEACE CORP Health Education, community work, sustainable projects Mahdia, Region 8 -   592-666-4837
Ms. Hilda Henreto PRINCEVILLE WOMEN’S GROUP (PALMFLY) Small loan for independence of women, development sessions, identify needs and navigate for social services Princeville   693-9957
Ms. Sherly Bacchus; Lucinda Miller   WOMEN ON THE MOVE Act as community police, assisted by Guyana Geology and Mines Commission(GGMC)locate truants, bring them out or collaborate with police to get them out, awareness sessions on child protection, domestic violence, parenting development sessions or workshops. , sewing bed sheets, and pillow cases, knitting. 7 miles; Behind Gas Station   688-9259, 675-7848
Region 9    
Ms. Emiline Baretto, Cleopatra (employee)   HELPING HAND WOMEN PRODUCERS CO. SOCIETY LIMITED Started out as a farming group; conducts training for women on how to prepare and package Cashew nuts and peanuts; provides snacks for school snack programs, through beacon foundation provides training on how to make peanuts, helps children with school supplies, helps women to deal with domestic violence, raises awareness of HIV and STIs. 1 St. Ignatius, Reg. 9.   592-611-5276
Ms. Georgianna Williams KWATAMANG WOMEN’S GROUP Awareness on HIV, domestic Violence Kwateman, Northe Rupununi    
Ms. Hyacinth Miller LEARNING RESOURCE CENTRE Workshop for teachers and children (disabled children), library, craft, tie-dye, health, literacy(Literacy coordinator with the Dept. of Education), available computers for CXC children to do research, practice safety for children(be safe for child) Lethem, Reg. 9.   592-772-2012
Ms. Patricia Fredericks LETHEM WOMEN FOR DEVELOPMENT Counseling, support and referrals for women suffering violence. Lethem -   592 - 772- 2054
Ms. Emilina Joseph MULTI-PURPOSE ST. IGNATIUS WOMEN’S GROUP Provide training for women in sewing, women empowerment on social issues. St. Ignatius, Reg. 9. -   592-617-O950
    NORTH RUPUNUNI DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT BOARD (NRDDB) Bina Institute for learning is for children. It caters for school drop outs and provides life skills , Math, English, prepares children for CXC, building self esteem and providing child protection. Bina Hill North Rupununi   592-772-9292
Bertie Xavier ORGANIZATION: EXPORT MEMBER TO THE UN Develop program surrounding indigenous issues- seeking collaboration United Nations Permanent forum on Indigenous Peoples    
Mr. Patrick Honorio REWA- WOMEN’S GROUP Sewing Rupununi Village North Reg.9    
Region 10    
Ms. Jennifer Eastman “ U AND ME” Youth Group Awareness, DV Interventions, counseling for abused adults and children, distribution of IEC materials. Casuarina Dr. Watooka, Mackenzie Linden   592-444-6713, 592- 641- 4439, 592- 673- 9902
Ms. Ethleen Maxius CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENT CENTRE Counseling; Skills training for low achievers (reading) Monday - Friday. 417 Independence Ave., Linden -   444-5330
Medex Janice Lyttle HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CLUB Day care, after school care and lessons for children, phonics, exercise, diet and nutrition, lectures, literacy program, demonstration. Burnham Drive, Christianburg, Linden   592-442-0256, 592-647-6019
Ms. Maurice Nobel LINDEN CITIZENS COMMITTEE (LCC) Organises cleaning campaigns for the community; Classes in reading, dressmaking, embroidery & tailoring available free of cost. For all the LCC groups is to achieve general development of physical and moral standards in all respect of the people's welfare. There are 9 LCC groups in Wismar. (Region 10)    
Medex Lorna London-Hall ONE MILE YOUTH FRIENDLY SITE Literacy, Skill building, self esteem, behaviour change, peer education, counseling. Linden   592- 444- 5525
Mr. Patrick Caezar SILVERTOWN ALLSTAR YOUTH GROUP Coaching for Football, Circle Tennis and Volleyball. Aimed to keep Youths away from drugs Silvertown Linden. (Region 10)    
Ms. Marva Magdalene Semple TOTALLY MOLDING work with youths (in and out of school); craft, culture (drama, dance, music), Self esteem and behavior change, HIV/ AIDS Awareness, Peer counseling/ education, community visits, work with violence, summer classes on Literacy(Phonics), CXC projects. One Mile Main road (Next to the Health Centre)   592- 647-6228
Mr. Randolph Cort WISMAR HOUSING SCHEME COMMUNITY DEVELOPM ENT GROUP Classes for school dropouts e.g. Craft, Welding, Math and English; Fund raising to purchase clothing for participants. Group meeting four times per month. 119 Square Wismar Housing Scheme. (Region 10)   444-5778
Ms. Foaizah Mustafa WOMEN OF CLASS Provides educational programmes for school drop outs and other women; Teaches skills in craft 384 One-mile Wismar   444- 5357
Mr. Michael Franklin YOUTH STARS YOUTH CLUB Talent search, Teaching Phonics(Literacy), after school lessons, peer counseling/education Block 22 Multi-Purpose building Linden A102    
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