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REGION 1            
First Name Last Name Organization Service Address Email Telephone
Sis Rosemarie, Sis. Maria   MOTHER THERESA HOUSE, MISSIONARIES OF CHARITY Give grocery to needy, counseling Hosororo, Mabaruma Sub-region   592-688-6736
Mr. Bill Labore WINGS FOR HUMANITY (ADV. IN WORLD AVIATION) Medical services, emergency aviation,, air transportation, transport the dead back home Mabaruma Township   592-676-4027
Rev. Wesley Albert   CHURCH ON THE ROCK, ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Annual children’s party, distribution of gifts and awareness for children on child abuse, child protection Kaituma Main Road   592-671-1759
Pas. Dean Runyon LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST CHURCH counseling and periodic handouts (cash) to single parent women, work on self esteem, child care (A Orphanage is in the making) School Road Port Kaituma 592-777-4080, 592- 684-8544
REGION 2            
Pastor Rawl Jackman ADVENTIST DISASTER RELIEF AGENCY (A.D.R.A) Feeding programs for schools (Dartmouth, Danielstown, Bushlot, Devonshire Castle, Pomona, Queenstown) counseling, Premarital and Post-marital family counseling. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-676-7486
Father Javier Correa Uano CHARITY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Provides hot meals for children and others, residential care for children attending school from riverain communities Charity Essequibo Coast   592-697-1626
Rev.Ravindra Sookraj MARANATHA ASSEMBLY OF GOD Counseling with young people through trained counselors, feeding program for over 100 persons(8th of May Primary) and over 30 persons(better Success Nursery) twice per month, Skills building in craft for young women, cookery, hospital visits PIC Road bounty Hall, Essequibo Coast   592-771-5347, 592-626-7022
Rev. Ewart Caesar SEVENTH DAY BAPTIST CHURCH (Dartmouth) Providing hot meals for children Dartmouth, Essequibo Coast.   592-691-1316
Region 3            
Ms. K. Henry CONQUERORS THROUGH CHRIST (C.T.C.) Literacy classes, Reading room and after school classes, provision of some necessary materials for needy children. Book grants for orphans or other needy children. 25 Sera Lodge Housing Scheme Stewartville, West Coast Demerara   592- 268- 3779, 592-662-1357
Pas. Small, Rev. Austin, Sis. Gweneth Robinson   FREEDOM CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Provide hot meals for children Stewartville, West Coast Demerara   592- 2592- 227- 2799, 592-276-0567, 592-268-3740
Ms. Trecia Hyman VREED –EN-HOOP WESLYAN CHURCH Provision of hot meals for women New Road, Vreed-En Hoop, West Coast Dem.   592- 254- 0399
Region 4            
Ms. Leila - Executive Member Austin ANGLICAN MOTHERS UNION Day Care Centre; Family life Counseling. Lot 144 Almond & Oronoque St., Queenstown, Georgetown   226-3443
Father Terrence Montrose CATHOLIC LIFE CENTRE COUNSELLING OFFICE Family counseling. 28 Brickdam Georgetown -   226-4631
Pas. Tessa , Smith CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD Women: Hampers for senior citizens, clothing, crisis counseling, social gathering and support (every 3rd Thursday) Children: Soup kitchen, Hot meals (Wed 7 Thurs) St. Barnabus Special School, counseling, Safe sex promotion/ awareness. 330 Church and East Streets Georgetown, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-226-3888; 592-225-2314
Bro. Fazeel Ferouz CENTRAL ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION Zaikat distributions are used to provided hearse and burial services for Muslims. Daily feeding programme for the public, Scholarships for Students, Counseling on marriage and chronic disease. Woolford Avenue, Non Pariel Park, Georgetown   225-8654 \227-2475
Rev V (Justice of the Peace) Paterson CHRISTIAN COORDINATING COMMITTEE Distribution of food items to the poor and needy in the community (Arm of Food for the Poor). Kuru - Kuru, Linden Highway   261-2460
Ms. Winifred Wastell JESUS RESCUE MISSION Medical Service (for a fee); Free glasses; Free ambulance service for the Poor and accident victims. Louisa & Croal Street, Georgetown   225-4090
Rev Una . Barker LODGE TRUTH CHURCH Counseling and Assistance provided for the needy. 51 Russell & Evans Street, Charlestown, Georgetown   227-2871
B. Trotz   VALLEY GATE ( Kitty Seventh Day Baptist Church) Women: Skills based training. (Food Preservation and packaging) Children: Hot meals every Thursday (J.E. Burnham Primary) 19 Gordon Street Kitty   592-226-5271, 592-229-6730
Mrs. Waveney Benjamin (Lee) YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. Vocational skills for young women; Day-Care and Child-Care workshops; Classes in Literacy, Numeracy, Food & Nutrition, Straw Craft, Tie-Dye, Batik, Pitman English and Typing. 106 Brickdam, Georgetown   226-5610
Region 5            
Mr. Clarence Shako REFUGE REDEEMED CHURCH OF GOD Skills training (building, engineering, industrial arts/crafts, hospitality, clerical, medical, etc.) for youths and single parents 21 Princess Elizabeth Road   592- 638-9219, 592-333-2885, 592-225-1077
Region 6            
Lucius Bruyning PHILADELPHIA SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH Daily provision of food for underprivileged children and senior citizens Philadelphia Street, New Amsterdam   592-333-4197, 592-621-0977
Region 7            
Nicola Higgins 3 MILES SDA WOMEN’S GROUP Empowering women to become independent spouses, skills building, e.g.. Tiedye, fabric painting, family values, behavior change, self esteem building, child protection and care 3 Miles Potaro Road   592-683-8215
Rev. Rita Brouet LIGHTHOUSE ASSEMBLY OF GOD Women’s group, address the issues of the total woman, domestic violence awareness and intervention, sewing, craft, cookery 19-20 Housing Scheme, Bartica   592-455-2463/2561
Captain Viola Jacobis SALVATION ARMY Feeding program for salvation army nursery, over 60 senior citizens once per week on Thursday, home league women’s group, educational games, community service, health awareness, skills building e.g. craft, Counseling for domestic violence and abuse, child care. 32 3RD Avenue, Bartica   592-455-2399
Ms. Carol Gomes ST PAUL'S PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN'S GROUP Visits to the sick; Sewing and craft classes. Lot 87 Third avenue, Bartica, Essequibo River   (05) 2779
Region 9            
Rev. Jennie Forde ASSEMBLIES OF GOD childcare, counseling( family, group, Dv, child abuse, be safe training for children 185 Central Rupununi, Lethem This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 592-642-7865
Father Paulo Martin CATHOLIC CHURCH YOUTH GROUP Training of trainers S & D, H.I.V, . and gender based violence Sub District Karasabai This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Richard Rennie FULL GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP General counseling Barack Retreat Tabatinga    
Rev. Howell Haynes KWATAMANG CHRISTIAN BRETHREN counseling, self-esteem, leadership for youths, HIV awareness, domestic violence, child protection Kwatamang, North Rupununi, Region 9    
Pastor Aubrey Garnett SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURH Counseling families and individuals, family life education, distributing clothing and school supplies, NAPS and Guyana Conference builds homes for needy cases, especially widows. Educational facilities, remedial teaching at the church, food, periodical financial assistance mostly in school youths. Emergency medical services during the day only (GAMUS). 127 S.D.A. Manse Lethem Region 9   592-772-2060
Father Joachin Demello ST. IGNATIUS PARISH (ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH) For children aged 8-13, all academic subjects in after school classes, provide snack for this class every day. Leadership program for youths 18-20, carpentry workshop. Volunteer program with the universal church , England, India, etc. (NB. Children are doing very well) St. Ignatius Central Rupununi    
Region 10            
    FAITH ASSEMBLY CHURCH   One Mile, Wismar    


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