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Safestamp Registry

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The SafeStamp Registry is designed to track the progress of both individuals and sport Organizations in making sport a safer place for children and youth. Parents and other interested individuals can use the Registry to check on the current status of their child's coach, or the sport organization running their child's sport program.

1. Registry of Individuals

Lists coaches and other sport officials who have provided evidence that they have:

  1. Successfully completed child safeguarding training delivered by CSDA (or equivalent)
  2. Have obtained a Certificate of Good Character (Background Check) from the police in their country.
  3. Successfully completed Coaching/Physical Education Certification, and
  4. Signed a "Self Declaration" form committing them to upholding the highest standards of child safeguarding.

Coaches and sport officials who have met all four criteria are shown to be SafeStamp Certified, while those still working on their SafeStamp Certification are shown as "In Progress".

2. Registry of Organizations

 Lists sport Organizations that have provided evidence they have in place, and have made known:

  1. Their Organization's Safeguarding Policy
  2. Their Code of Conduct for all those who work with the organization
  3. They have trained staff
  4. They have a Designated Child Protection Officer (DCPO)
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